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Curl Pattern: 2a
Texture: fine
Porosity: high
Density: medium, finally did measurement and am surprised it's not thin!
Elasticity: low
Characteristics: flat top/no root curl, easy to straighten, easily weighed down, doesn't frizz often, tangles easy, likes moisture but is quick to get over conditioned.

ModCG: low-poo and rarely cowash anymore because my hair gets weighed down so easily. Would like to get CJ daily fix to try though.

Hair ingredient likes: protein, silk amino acids, jojoba oil
Hair ingredient dislikes: mineral oil, coconut oil

Soft Water

HG/Go-to Products: Redken Soft Spin 05, LOOB, re:coil

Average climate/dew points: dry, thinking low dews

Fall/Winter combos: Didn't really find a great winter combo, hopefully I'll have better luck next winter

Spring/Summer combos: re:coil, LOOB, and redken soft spin scrunched on top!

Favorite styling techniques and why: Scrunching out water and then adding gel after my hair is no longer soaking wet. This seems to encourage the natural wave first, and then the gel holds it without weighing it down. Diffusing is one of the best ways for my hair to get body and hold wave, although I try not to do it very often.

Techniques that didn’t work and why: Ice queen, tons of tangles and my hair was clumping oddly! It was awful! Plopping tends to cause flat root, although I still do it at times hoping I can find a way to modify it to make it work since I like the way it encourages my natural wave.

Hair Twins: ?
2a-2bFii HP

Low poo: SM Yucca and Baobab shampoo
Condish: Redken Body Full
LI: Redken Body Full
Products: Organix Moroccan Curl Defining Cream
Seal: Redken Diamond Oil
Hairspray: Aussie Sprunch : )
Add NPF to my my hair after I wash and LOVE gelatin protein treatment!

My hair loves protein, plopping, and diffusing! Trying to find a way to style and air dry.

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