Jasmine's Shea Butter Cream Rinse is also very similar to Honey Hemp, just fyi!
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Ahhh Elle! I had to jump on that buy one get one free deal!
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Say what!? WHAT DEAL!! Now Imma have to go surf...LOLOL!!! Ya'll know my PJ antennae is all sensitized and I'm on rampage this holiday weekend. LOLOL!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!
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Elle mention this conditioner being similar to Oyin's Honey Hemp (which seems to be the only conditioner doing what I want), so I checked it out and she's having a buy one get one free sale on this stuff! I went out on a limb and ordered 2. They have some yummy sounding scents too.


If you do decide to order, and I don't want to be a PJ enabler in the Paypal notes let her know what you want your free bottle scent to be or else you'll get the same one you ordered.

The sales have been ridiculous this weekend! And not just hair stuff. All across the board!

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