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Originally Posted by Darby
Originally Posted by medusahair
If the crunch won't scrunch out with softer hold getls you might need more conditioner or have buildup in that area, or you might not be leaving enough water in your hair before you put the gel in.

If I squeeze out too much water and then add gel it will be super crispy in my dryer spots.
The part of leaving enough water in hair before adding gel to it. My stylist insists that I put my gel into soaking wet hair. When I tried it at home, I get oily looking hair - more clumpy looking. I have fine, thin hair so when I get clumpy curls, I look bald. I need to get fluffy type curls.
But sometimes I get frizzy hair. I don't know where I'm going with this... I was just wondering if maybe putting the gel on when it's not soaking wet but quite wet would help getting not clumpy curls??
Sorry, I butted in on this post
Just to continue the guano.... I have rather fine, thin hair as well and I have the same problem if I use too much gel. I have to use a lot less product than most of the folks on here, but I do shove it onto soaking wet hair. I just scrunch and fluff out any clumps to make it look fuller after its dry. HTH!
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