amyloplast, your hair looks great!
I was going to wait a few days to post results, but I'm just thrilled with my hair today! I used the Mango Papaya Condish as a rinse out, Coconut Choc. Chip Soft Curls Cream as a LI and CJ CIAB. Love it! The Marie Dean product is wonderful at frizz control and defining curls. I took a pic at about 95% dry and my curls stayed intact and frizz free all day. The scent of the condish was strong, but nice and it faded after a while
Nat, you're going to love this stuff. Great find kam!
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Your hair looks INCREDIBLE!! I mean perfect curls and not a frizzy lizzie in sight!!! Whoa momma!!!

Now I'm really chomping at the bit!! Will post results tomorrow.

Ok Mir.. you can come out now!! You can't deny Angel's hair!!! LOLOL!!
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WAAOOOUW Angel, You hair are to die for! Just perfect!!!

As Naturalista said, we can't ignore those products when we see such beautiful curls
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