I'm still new to this and this thread describes exactly how I feel lately and why!! How happy does this make me feel today of all days when I have scraggly hair that dried w/o product to make it wave.

I only figured out in the last few years that my hair, in fact, is not straight and only recently decided to try and work with it the way it is. But honestly, I have been so frustrated b/c it isn't straight and I have to work so hard to make it wave. I hope it gets easier with time and once I find the right products.

It's so funny b/c a lot of times people see my little girl and comment about how it must be hard to take care of her hair b/c it's so curly and actually I find the opposite is true. Her hair is easy to care for b/c it is predictable. All it needs is moisture and it just curls and curls. I only need one product in hair. And not for curl b/c it will curl w/o it. I just need the one product for moisture. I'm finding I'm using 4-5 products to get my hair to do something and each day it's a guessing game as to how it will turn out.

Thank you for this thread. I'm not alone!
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