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Originally Posted by FrizzBgone View Post
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Hey that might help, FrizzBgone! So how often do you switch products- like every three days? Do you switch all your products at once on a rotation? Also, how many products do you need to keep your itching at bay?

Sorry for all the questions- I am just trying to get a sense of what I can try. Like you, after a honeymoon period with products, it has eventually made my scalp incredibly itchy!
Like Kathymack, I don't use the same product 2 days in a row. I don't take the chance anymore. As long as I rotate, I no longer develop allergies to any of the products. There are still products that I can't use ... I'm allergic to CK. It makes my feel like my head is covered in bugs; I get so itchy from it I can't stand it.

You could try doing an ACV rinse. If my scalp is feeling a little funky, I'll either clarify or rinse with ACV. I normally try the rinse first. If it doesn't work, I'll use the clarifying shampoo. I don't like to clarify very often. I used to have to clarify really often, now I seldom do. Eliminating the cones and mineral oil from my product routine has made a big difference in my hair and scalp.
Thanks for the advice. I am going to try and do what you suggest.

I stopped using the two gels - KMS and Curls - and have stopped itching- so have been using BB and SS. But I will rotate those as well.

So it looks like I should probably get additional low poo/conditioner too. Good thing DH is going out of town and I won't have to explain that to him
3a mixed with 2C???
Coarse-Medium Texture
Normal to low Porosity
Low Elasticity
Probably need protein and oil.

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As I Am Leave in Conditioner
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