Hi! I've been reading these posts for a while, as I've always been extremely proud of my curls and it's nice to be in a curl-friendly environment! I was actually born with stick-straight hair, but when I hit puberty it gradually became more and more frizzy and poofy until eventually it decided to become lovely (I think, anyway ) 3a curls.
I just started the Curly Girl routine, and I love it so far! (I have 3 curly younger sisters, and I told my mom to get them into it, hehe.) The only problem is that I'm living in the Chicago area, so my scalp is getting a bit oily due to all the heat and humidity. I need to find some kind of low-poo shampoo, I'm thinking, but I'm a poor college student, so I can't exactly splurge! Has anyone tried the new Tresemme Naturals low-sulfate shampoo? I'm using their cone-free condish and I love it, I just don't want to undo all the good I've done to my hair by using something that might make it unhappy!