LOVE etsy! I've gotten lots of really pretty hair sticks/forks on there. My favorite thing about it is the fact that the sellers are usually the actual makers of the items, so you can directly email them and ask about custom work. I found some bracelets I liked from one seller but wanted a different combination of beads, so I emailed her, and she wrote back and is making me some bracelets exactly to my specifications.

Love me some etsy.
3A with some bits of 3B; fairly porous, I think (bumpy strands!), growing out old dye damage. No chemical treatments/color since 06/2010.

Claim to fame - Inventor of plopping when it was called "the towel trick"!!

Back on CG as of 02/09/2013
Cleanser: Deva No Poo
Rinse-out/LI: Deva OneC, homemade protein conditioner/detangler
Styler: Krystal Ecostyler, LALSG, trying Biolage Gelee

Growing my hair as far as it'll go - approaching hip stretched, waist curly!