I've tried using Kinky Curly Knot Today with and without the aloe vera juice and I must admit my hair felt waaaay more moisturized when I included the aloe vera juice. After applying the KCKT w/ AVJ, I used coconut oil. I know it's not her exact recipe, but it worked for me. When I ran out of KCKT, I tried to do the same with HE Hello Hydration and my hair got sooo dry. I think the ingredients in the KCKT might be essential. I would really like to find another leave-in conditioner, though. 12.99 for that tiny little bottle is breaking the bank! lol. I'm trying Yes to Cucumbers now (more product for less money)... hope it works.

P.S. I haven't really given too much thought to the cuticle argument. Sorry if my post is off on some tangent.