i dont wear my hair straight that often cuz it doesnt stay straight and then my day is ruined. but when it comes to guys..im 16 right but everyone thinks that im 19 or 20. apparently (so i've been told on multiple occasions) curly hair is a big turn on. but then again (and im not being racist) black or ethnic guys tend to LOVE girls with shoulder length or longer curly hair. white guys like straight hair.
so i guess it depends what kind of guy you go for to determine which way to wear your hair
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I've dated blond and blue-eyed "white boys" and they loved my curly hair, including my white green-eyed hubby. I received marriage proposals from a black, an Hispanic, and two white dudes (one I accepted, natch) and I had curly hair in all those situations but one (had half wavy, half blown out with the Hispanic guy). My husband to this day prefers my hair curly, and he's Germanic-Hungarian-Irish American.

I don't know if generalizing about what guys like what is...well...gonna be accurate. If the fashion is curly hair, men will praise curly hair (as in many decades/ages past). If the fashion is straight hair, men will dig straight hair.

Men can be swept by the "current idea of attractiveness" like women (be it a preference for zaftig/cushy fleshed women versus slender/muscle-toned ones).Men are creatures of society.

Otherwise how to explain a preference for superfat women in Mauritius (where men like em huge and full of stretch marks) or Samoa, or a preference for slim., girlish, and delicate in Japan? The culture dictates what people think is...in, desirable, "trophy wife worthy".

Next millenium, if a major famine hits, the fat girls will be back in style. hahahah
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