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Originally Posted by snowbunny5 View Post
This is a great post. I always tried to stay away from 'typing' my hair, but when pressed, would say 4a becasue I was told that initially when I went natural by a stylist in a 'natural' salon. Also, I agree with others who say the 4a board gets a lot of traffic and that's where I hang out mostly because I think more people post there and a lot of the tips I get there work for me. However, I was visiting a salon this weekend where I was told I had 4c hair so perhaps there are many people like me who just are defining their hair incorrectly? Or maybe its just futile to define your hair because to someone I'm a 4a and now to someone else I'm a 4c? Who knows...

If anyone is curious, I asked what makes someone a 4c vs 4a vs 4b and was told, "4a's grow down, 4b's grow out, 4c's grow up, it really has nothing to do with curl definition or pattern" The stylist also said most 4's, even though their hair looks curly, are actually sporting more of a zig-zag pattern (I always thought mine was curly but whatever?)...I'm not sure I agree with everything the stylist said but, it was an interesting conversation...

You know, I really think I can believe what that stylist said. B/c I notice as I look @ my hair pattern, it's more of a zig zag that does a little spiral curl @ the bottom. So then if I smooth it back with shea moisture lotion, and tie it down, I see little kinky waves. Then I was like "Oh! I'm not a curly. I'm a kinky!" It was like a curl revelation. Not to mention my hair in its natural state does NOT stay down. It stay up!
4a-4b hair. Not sure yet so I'll just say both!
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