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You really wanna go there? Seriously?

Cause, you'll get your ass (figuratively) kicked so hard on this board you won't know what happened.

We don't have much room for ignorance and intolerance at NC.
If you were really so tolerant, you'd let people believe what they want.
You know, I winced when I read that post, and I don't agree, but this thread is about expressing your unpopular opinions, and it's not as if anything is going to change her mind. On the one hand, I get not being able to let slide a comment like that (just as one would confront someone for saying something blatantly racist). On the other hand, it's kind of the point of the thread to let people have their say.
True enough. Perhaps I should have just let it slide, considering the thread. But posted anywhere else, Im sure many people would have responded with something similar or worse.

Phoenix - I don't go around telling people what to believe. But it was an offensive post and full of hatred. No, I don't have tolerance for that kind of talk.
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