I haven't even been going since before August. I think it was around... two weeks ago? But so far the results are fantastic!
Sadly, I don't have pictures. My laptop recently broke, and that was where it was all kept. But I can describe it... I know, how fun? *sarcasm*
I used to have a near afro- no joke. Now, though, it holds volume, but not enough to make it visible from space. It used to be super frizzy. Now, while I still have a gentle halo of frizz, it's all cute, not like I've been electrocuted. I'm not totally done with the transformation- I'v only been going for two weeks! But yet what used to be curls that looked like a huge mess of just hair is all cute, long, almost shiny defined spirals. I'm proud to go out with my curls now I used to get a chemical relaxer put in twice a year... but I haven't even considered going out and doing it. I usually get it done... two days ago... but I don't want to!
My hair is stubborn. What I thought would help me only resulted in horrible, damaged hair. Straightening my hair is now the only reasonable thing I can do. So, I am no longer CG. Not until my hair gets fixed.
Goal- Long, shiny locks! Currently shoulder length when curly. Goal is to reach around right below chest area. Wish me luck!