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Exclamation Overwhelmed Newbie w/ Allergies...Product Recs

Hi =)

So I have finally decided to embrace my waves/curls after finding this amazing website. But I have no idea what products to use! This is because I have a sensitivity to sulfur ( I'm not sure if sulfates are the same?) and I am allergic to tree nuts. I can't use shea butter or anything almond. I recently discovered that I am protein sensitive. I was using Natural Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo/Conditioner which has proteins and now I know why it is drying out my hair instead of helping it! Below is my hair info:
Curl Pattern: 2b, possibly a 2c
Texture: medium- coarse
Porosity: high
Density: medium
Elasticity: ?
Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA =)
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