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Originally Posted by Gabby
Originally Posted by chappysmom
I second Jane Austen and "To Kill a Mockingbird."

&%$@#! is good, too.
Totally agree. Was the last one, D*i*c*kens? I had to type it that way to avoid the censor.
Yes, it is! I wondered why it came up that way! (My mother had a similar problem on a Martha's Vineyard message board, trying to talk about dogs--Cocker Spaniels to be specific. I don't remember what it "translated" the first four letters to, but it certainly wasn't a breed of dog I'd ever heard of!

I'm chuckling, though . . . so many people hate Mr. D. because of their high school English classes . . . they'd probably agree that &%$@#! is just about right for him. (grin)
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