Yeah, I hear ya. Not good taking any chances. I can't even eat things that is supposedly gluten free if there are gluten in the same facility. Or if another product has been made on the same machine as for example casein (milk protein) then I get sick (I can't eat gluten, casein or Legumes/soy). So I know how bad it can be.
I am allergic to both prunes and nuts..and a bunch of other stuff so I am having a hard time finding things that work. It is actually really hard to find truly allergy friendly products out there. Add on the fact that gluten hides in almost everything processed..yeah, it can be a night mare.

The shampoo, conditioner and lotion is free from nuts at G-F savonnerie. I have used them without any problems for well over 4 months now. I haven't reacted to the Shea Butter though, so I dunno for sure. I haven't asked them how they do the Shea Butter thing (cross-contamination). It would be interseting to hear what they say about Shea Butter being a nut.
Strange thing is I even read somewhere that Shea Butter was a "hypoallergenic" product. hehe (Not on their homepage.)