I love love love this thread. I've always had a bit of a wave to my hair, but hairstylists always referred to it as a "problem"- they'd give me these super-cute hairstyles for straight-haired people, and then would look at me with disdain when I'd ask how to style it without using the round brush, hairdrier, etc. (I never could get the hang of the round brush- I resorted to using a curling iron to pull it straight). When I did try to blow out the wave, there was always this one section of my hair that would invariably curl in a weird way- even the hairdressers had to take a curling iron or flat iron to it.

I love the description of "hair horns"! When my hair is all one length, I get "triangle head" but when I'd get layers I'd get pieces sticking up in all different directions- ala hair horns.

I also have a weird wave pattern. My entire head wants to curl in the same direction. So this leaves me with hair on the left side of my head curling towards the back of my head and hair on the right side of my head curling toward my face. When it is in layers is it very obvious that the two sides are doing opposite things! By embracing CG I'm hoping to learn to love my wave and not fight it.
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