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is the curly butter supposed to act the same way as a gel type "defining" product? i used some over a leave-in conditioner. i live the way it smelled and felt. i felt like i didn't us to much. my hair dried without any white residue but when i untwisted and fluffed i had white stuff in my hair. i wonder if i used too much or if it was the leave in or what. for those you that use it can you use it alone or should it be paired with a leave in? trying to avoid the white stuff. i have to redo my hair to get that out.
From my experience the Curly Vutter doesn't work with with some leave in conditioners. When I used it with the Darcy's Botanicals Leave In I got little white blobs all in my hair and the same with the KC Knot Today so it doesn't play well with other products. I used to just use it with the BM Deja's Hair Milk as a leave in to stop that from happening.
thanks for this info! i will see how it works with my afro detangler. do you ever us use it alone or do you feel it needs something else for moisture?
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