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Originally Posted by westcoastwaves
Originally Posted by Befrizzled
long bangs that will grow out to still be face framing. I'm just not sure if that's a bad idea.
It's not in theory, I'm sure it depends on the individual to a degree, but that's exactly what happened with my hair. Those pieces gradually got longer and now shouldn't be considered 'bangs' though they started there. From looking at your main pic on myspace I think pieces that long would suit you.

Second searching out some pics and getting the hairdressers opinion if it would work, especially since she is a pretty good one. GL
Yeah, I'm feeling like my hair is looking ill in that picture. That's after about a month and a half of growing out, so I want something that'll grow out a little more... gracefully. It still looks great curly, but since my hair is straight more often, that's what's got to count at the moment. I think maybe if I start about at my ear, then they'll grow to about my chin in a month or two, which will be about when I next get a cut. My appt is today, so I'll just hope for the best! And yeah, definitely asking for her advice.
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