Ever since I had my baby, almost 6 months ago, my formerly 2c/3a hair is now stuck firmly in 2c mode. It's still coarse, frizzy and thick but now it's wavy. And also? It's short. I cut it 3 months after the baby was born because my hair was looking stringy and thin. The cut did wonders for the thickness but I truly cut all my curls out. So now I kind of have no real style since I am growing it.

At least if it was long I could safely cut long bangs into it (no worries about them curling up anymore!) and longer layers and just go with it. But now, not only am I dealing with it's new texture, I am also growing it out.

I guess I should be glad it looks healthy.

Currently I am using Netrogena Silk Touch Leave in and Biolage Gelee. I apply both products to soaking wet hair, then I wrap my hair in a towel (I don't have to "plop" anymore since I don't have curls) for 5 minutes then I let it air dry for 15 to 30 minutes (however long I have) then I diffuse upside down on high speed for 1 minute for volume, flip my head over and on low speed diffuse for 2 more minutes sort of scrunching with my hands - never a brush since my hair is so hard to blow out straight. Done.

I am dreaming of it long now and want to take advantage of the fact that it's just wavy and get bangs and stuff. Like you, Chelle, I think the less I do to it the better. I am just working on accepting that my hair is not curly anymore. If my curls come back someday (and I look back on pics of me from 10 years ago and it looks like I was bordering on 3b hair! Go figure) then I will deal with that.

If anyone finds the perfect product for us wavies though, please let us all know!

Gel: BRHG mixed with Aura Naturalle Gel or B&A Gel
LI: GVP Conditioning Balm or Giovanni Smooth as Silk,
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (as a DC, before and after dying grays, and like a serum on dry hair)

Method: Air dry 20 minutes, then blow dry for volume.

2b/c mix waves/curls - coarse, frizz prone, med. thick, porous, at-home color for gray, protein sensitive but I still need it sometimes, glycerin-sensitive (I think) in high humidity, mod-CG routine.