Morrighu--SaraH Palin has nothing to do with the state of Texas owning your parents' home, etc. I am so sorry your mom is in that situation. My father's illness also ate up their savings. Has your mom/dad/you looked into the extra benefits that Vets can receive for healthcare? They are hard to track down, but if you will get in touch with the VA and find someone to be an advocate for you, it will help. You can also PM me and I will get the info for you from a friend of mine who is in the insurance industry. She's been such a huge help for my mom and my sister as well as some other friends.

You bash Sarah Palin for writing a few notes on her hand. Do you not see the difference between notes on your hand and two teleprompters that accompany him everywhere? He took them to a talk with kindergardeners and uses them in staff meetings. And if you listen to him speak off-prompter, you realize that he is much better off if he sticks to the script. Questions to him are pre-screened and answered as he cannot be trusted off the cuff. Remember Joe the Plumber?

Can we please have a bit more decorum? I find the term 'tea bagger' very offensive. Of course, if ya'll insist on using it, I will start using the terms, leftwing loon or perhaps tinfoil hat-wearing moonbats to describe the Democrats/liberals/progressives or whatever their name du jour is.

Yeah, Tea Party supporter here (like RCW hadn't figured that one out already ;D) And no, the Republican party isn't behind it. If you'd seen the kerfluffle (don't you live that word?) here in Colorado over it. The Reps didn't get their hand-picked candidate, the Tea Party candidate won the nomination and he was a disaster. I didn't choose sides until I did my own research (incidentally, the Republican party didn't even come by my house). He should have done the right thing and withdrawn and endorsed someone else. Instead, he stuck it out til the end and split the vote so we are stuck with Denver and Boulder's choice, John Hickenlooper, or Ritter Redux. I am VERY happy to say that my representative Betsy Markey was tossed out on her ear after her first term. I dropped a packing box by her office today as I promised to do when I called and told her that I would not be happy with a 'yes' vote on the health care bill.

And before anyone goes off, I have been unemployed/underemployed for 18 months. Right now I have 2 part time jobs and have submitted an application for a third one, & my oldest daughter has had to put off college for a year. Not happy about it, but that is the way it is. Our business is also way down as this administration has taken direct aim at our target clientele...upper end for our custom cabinetry business. We're taking any job that comes along.

Obama is NOT black, he is not white, he is biracial. Big deal. Lots of people in the US are. He had the advantage of a multi-cultural background. The US, Indonesia, back to Hawaii...but for some reason, his experiences like that served to make him very critical of the US and the advantages here. Be nice if he actually appreciated what he has achieved here instead of acting like a sulky, petulant child.

Pity that Harry Reid didn't get tossed out. I'm rather curious about that one. According to an AP article I read, folks in his state aren't particularly fond of him either, NV has the highest unemployment and home foreclosure rate in the nation...and they put that ****** BACK in DC? Wow....makes me wonder how that one was pulled off.
My son wears combat boots (and a parachute). So does my son-in-law.
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