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I'd like to know if anyone is using Milkshake as their leave-in. I am having AWESOME hair with it today, under the usual re:coil and 3 in 1 mousse. I think the mousse doesnt' smell so good, so I will likely purchase JoiWhip next time I get the opportunity.

I had been using fast food under recoil and the mousse, but I tried the milkshake, thinking it would be a little more moisuturizing - WOW what a difference. I love this stuff and will likely place a full sized order for it once I run out. I never used as much as I used today, thinking it would be TOO moisturizing for this white chick's thin hair. Man, I was so wrong. My hair looks really good, and this is AFTER I took a nap on still damp hair (dang headache).

Anyhow, just wondering how many of you are using milkshake as your leave in and how you're liking it....
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