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Originally Posted by RedCatWaves View Post
This is his mess, not yours. He needs to be a man, get a job, and support his child. There're really no choices for him, unless she chooses to have an abortion. The "getting back together" thing is between him and her, not you.

And, I would bet money that you don't know everything about their relationship. In my experience, most "crazy women" are the result of a propaganda campaign from the man, and they aren't nearly as crazy as the men who've dated them would lead you to believe.
Oh trust me I know. I have lectured him that he brings the 'crazy' on himself because he totally leads girls on and gives them the wrong impression.

I know it's none of my business but he's also looking to me for advice and I want to give him the most unbiased advice possible. If he doesn't man up and support this child he needs to know that he will also be losing my friendship.
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