I wouldn't make any hasty decisions or advice until he is FOR SURE that this girl is pregnant and that it is HIS baby. After that, my only advice to him would be to talk with that crazy girl (sorry, but she does seem crazy) and try to figure out a game plan. Whether she decides to keep it, get an abortion or put it up for adoption, these are all important decisions that need to be made right away. I do feel sorry for him, even though he did not protect himself ( BIG NO ) because he did get himself screwed and now must deal with the consequences. Try, if possible, not to let his situation bring YOU down, I think that's the most important part.
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Im sorry I dont quite understand your post.

How has he got himself screwed? How has he been screwed over? He is as responsible as she is for the position they are both are in. Poor him. He had unprotected sex and now this girl is hassling him for commitment and finances. *eyeroll*. OK.

Why is it always the first assumption that this girl might be sleeping around with other men? Couldn't it be possible that she is telling him the truth. I would assume he is the father until proven otherwise.