That was Oprah's real hair when Chris Rock ran his hands through her hair. He said that he didn't feel anything. Oprah said that she wear extensions and wigs sometimes to give her real hair a break. Beyonce has nice hair, too. That picture that somebody was talking about. It was obvious that Beyonce's hair was in a bun, even in the pic. How are people going to say the top of somebody's bun is how long their hair is. I saw other pictures from that day from the side it was clear she had her hair in a messy ponytail/bun. Beyonce's real hair is nice, too, She shows it a lot in behind the scenes footage. Beyonce even showed it on the cover of Vogue. Additional proof that just because Beyonce wears extensions and wigs doesn't mean that she doesn't have long hair. Because Beyonce does. Also, I don't know why black women are so notorious for wearing fake hair. Because white and non-black women wear fake hair all the time, too. The lacefront was created for white Hollywood stars to wear in the 1910s or 1920s and they've worn them ever since. Then, the extensions were created for them later. I've seen everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Sophia Loren rocking a wig.