I get asked this a lot, and I'm not mixed. It's because of my hair, skin and maybe the way I speak ( I get the oreo label a lot). My parents are black--I'm light skinned probably because my mom is. I have some Irish and Cherokee mixed in from a long time ago but most blacks in America have a little mix of everything somewhere down the line.

Lately I've started coming up with ridiculously impossible combinations. Conversations usually go like this:

Guy: "Say guh, you mixed?"
Me: "Why yes, I'm Japanese and Russian."

It's scary when they actually believe me.
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I'm mixed. My mom's black. My dad's black, Italian, French and Algonquian The only time it offends/annoys me is when I'm asked because of my hair, as if people who are all black can't possibly have "good hair". Besides I still have the kinky 4a, which I love, so people never even question my heritage unless my hair's straight. When it's in my natural afro state then I OBVIOUSLY can't be mixed. Shows those suckers!