Did ya'll notice the OP hasn't been back in here since posting this thread?

Don't continue to take the bait. I'm just saying.
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Sarasara has been here a while. She's not another HelloYellowBird.

As for the video, I don't think it's fake. But of course they edited out anyone who gave intelligent responses to the questions.
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I don't think of sarasara as a troll, I never called her a troll. But what NCC said still stands. One doesn't have to be a troll to bait people.


I think a lot of what sarasara said in post #59 has relevance. Of course it does. But her approach could use some … refinement.

Like I said, it's all a bit rich when she's whining and acting fairly bratty [in the thread after she just moved to Japan, or in one of her many dating threads, for example] and many of us took the time to give her sage advice and positive feedback. Then she turns around and labels many of her erstwhile comforters as stupid.

Give me a break.

Then again, maybe we really are stupid. Stupid for engaging with sarasara in the first place. Shame on us.

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