I think the T3 and nano are quite comparable, but when I read through many of the reviews on Amazon, it seemed that the Nano got better ratings. Some customers got "dud" T3's and were quite unhappy. So, I based my decision to go with the Nano instead. I won't be purchasing it until next month, so I'll post my review then. Seems like they're both good driers, though. I like the fact that the Nano comes with a diffuser and you don't have to buy it separately--this also ensures it will fit! Those universal diffusers don't always fit or stay on, which is incredibly annoying to me!
Hair type: 2c/3a ii, medium/coarse, desert hair
Cleansers: CJ Daily Fix
Conditioners: CJ Beauticurls Argan Oil, Tresemme
Leave-In Conditioners: CJ BCLI
Deep Conditioners: CJ Curl Rehab, CJ Deep Fix, SS DDMT


Holding Gels: CJ Curl Queen
Pomade: Jane Carter N&S
Hair Likes: agave nectar, oils of any kind