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Thanks everyone. I've heard of the t3's but not the nano. I'm gong to check the link. I should have mentioned that I don't straighten so that is why I was wondering if it really made a difference. I don't diffuse either. My hair comes out curly enough without diffusing.

2poodles - the reviews on Amazon are mostly great, but a couple mention that it is heavy. What do you think?

Here's a link for $149, plus free shipping and if you use their code you get a free flat iron. I won't use that but I may play with it. I'm seriously considering this.

FHI Nano Salon Pro 2000 Hair Dryer Reviews |

Ok, that was too good to pass up. I just ordered it with the free flat iron and I bought the heat/volumizing spary they recommended. I'm going to let my husband give this to me for Christmas.
I think you'll be very happy with the hair dryer. I haven't found it particularly heavy - but it's not a tiny little light weight either. It's built to last. And yay you for finding it at a great price!!
Thanks, I'm hoping I'll love it as much as the reviews. The T3 also got great reviews so it was hard to decide. My husband is a bit worried that it will be too hot for him. His hair is thin. We just leave the dryer on the counter because we both use it every day. I told him no whining. He can use the one we have now if he doesn't like it, although that will be a bit of a pain because the only outlet is by my sink.
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