Okay, I tried it. This is a difficult review to do because there are more new factors in today's routine than just the new dryer. The bottom line: I'm having one of the best hair days in recent years today.

As for the dryer itself:

Pros: Overall, I like it very much. It's very lightweight and easy to handle; it's also much quieter than my old one. The diffuser fits on the dryer perfectly and does not appear as though it would ever pop off! The cord is nice and long.

Cons: The 1800 model does not have heat settings, just fan (speed) settings--low and high. I noticed this last night after I got it home. I usually use low speed and both low and high heat. This one only allows one heat setting and it's f'ing HOT! Very hot. There is a cool shot button, though.

As for my hair, like I said, I'm having one of the best hair days ever! My hair is so much curlier that it's actually hanging about 3 inches shorter! (I guarantee that at least one person who sees me today will ask me if I got a perm and/or haircut...that's how dramatic the difference is.)

I'm going to post separately about these results though, because I did a few things differently than I usually do--and I really think it was the combo of things that made the overall difference. Not sure how much I could fairly attribute to the new hair dryer alone.

I have very, very little frizz, good definition, and some shine. I haven't added my JCNS yet, which is usually where I really get my shine from anyway. So can't say this dryer really added a lot of shine.

Since I saved all of the packing materials, I may take this dryer back and then get the 2000 model. I'm pretty sure that one had multiple heat settings.

All in all, the only bummer is that the heat is f'ing hot on this thing! (I was putting the diffuser up to my scalp and man, it was HOT!)
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