Here I am! Does this even warrant a gif?? This warrants some education.

Late poster, if you had searched through other threads rather than just trying to post inflammatory mess, you would see that we actually had a VERY extensive discussion about baking soda and how it affects hair, and also did a pH test on a popular baking soda treatment. Yes, baking soda slightly lifts your hair cuticle, but it can be easily closed using an acidic rinse after, like ACV, or using aloe vera juice on your hair. Other things that lift your hair cuticle include blow dryers, steam treatments, and even WATER when it's alkaline (yes, they make water that has been treated to have a pH of 9, it's supposed to be better for you to drink). pH alone is NOT enough to "relax" your hair - the reason many experience a type of "curl loosening" when using BS is because it allows more moisture to penetrate your hair, which in turn makes it heavier and more moisturized, ie - it hangs more. Any "ill" effects of using BS can easily be avoided by ensuring you bring your hair back to its proper pH level. Now, I would not recommend constantly using BS on your hair, as it is partly sodium, which can be drying on your hair. I hope that helps.
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Okay, I appreciate the education at this, but I really don't understand why I've been approached in such a way as if I was trying to be rude or something. I learned something about baking soda, what it does to the hair, and wanted to help anyone who didn't know about that information. I don't understand why it has to be considered "mess" when I'm just trying to help just like you were...
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Often we get trolls who bring OLD threads back up in order to start controversy, so if that was not your intent, I apologize.

I didn't even look at your videos, I only saw the first link, so I personally wasn't going to attack you just because of the YouTuber whose videos you chose to's really not that serious, although some other posters would like to think so.
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The fact that that was her first post made it very easy for one to assume that s/he was a potential troll.