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Originally Posted by sweetpeacurli View Post
Originally Posted by Saila View Post
Thanks Saila, I appreciate it. (I got an email alert about the pingback to the post.)

Yeah, I have to admit, I found the article to be hall-of-shame worthy, which is why I decided to write a blog post about it. Would be interested in other people's opinions.
I completely agree with your post, especially the last few lines.

I take offense to the very nature of these sorts of articles. Pretty much any popular women's magazines do this sort of thing. (Cosmo, I'm looking at you.) Their fundamental premise is that you need to look this way or that way and then men will want your bod because it will be good enough for them then.

Ummm... Forgive me, but who the hell cares about any of this crap? First of all, why is it assumed that men's approval is critical to any given woman's happiness? Secondly, why is it assumed that ALL men can only possibly be attracted to ONE thing? Ugh... I am not sure if I am making sense right now (it's late and I'm tired) but it's just sickens me.

The title of this article: "What do men prefer?"... Really? As if their is a consensus amongst the male gender or something. And even then, even if the entire male gender in North America prefered one or the other - why on earth does it matter? I am a human being. MEN are human beings. I think we are above this kind of superficial nonsense when it comes to one-on-one interactions, but certainly not when speaking in generalities.

ETA: You're welcome! By the way, I think we may be hair twins of sorts!
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