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Default New Hair - Finally new photos!

Hi everyone! I've been away for a while - the Holidays are a crazy time...

Well, I got my hair cut right before Christmas, and I love it! It is the shortest it has been since I was a kid. It is very layered, which gives me a lot of curl, even in the back which is my problem area. I am trying to slowly cut off the dyed hair, so I can enjoy my natural hair color before I go gray. My hair has recovered since I dyed it blonde this past Summer, and have found some products that my hair absolutely loves (HE Set Me up gel, HE Body Envy mousse, CK)

I finally got some pictures uploaded after a crazy Holiday season, so I figured I'd share my excitement with all of you. What do you ladies (and gents where applicable) think?

The photos are in my New Hair - Shorter! album
2b/3a/3b botticelli curls, medium fine, medium coarse

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