I am currently on my Journey to natural hair. I got my first relaxer, from a hair school When I was 12. I am currently transitioning (13mos). Through hair reasearch (youtube,curlynikki,naturallycurlly etc) I've noticed that individuals who had long hair relaxed were able to grow long hair natural. Is there anyone who never achieved long hair (SL & below) relaxed but is now acheiving long hair natural?!?!? I am just curious to know that theres hope! I am currently doing everything possible to insure length retention(protective styling, low manipulation, 2-3x DC a week, scalp massages, and patience)I am just curious to hear other ppls opinion on the matter. I never had long hair before& I dont want to feel like it is something I "can't" do, I know hair grows!!! I'm just curious! Thanks!
Poo:Komaza Califia
DC: Honey, Coconut oil, and Condish
Leave in:Komaza Califa
Sealant: Komaza Moku butter
Condish:Trader's Joe Tree Tingle, YTC
Protective stlyes:Flat twist out, Buns, Braid Out Updos
Treatments: Protein, Henna
Current length: SL
Hair goal: Healthy full Hair but Length would nice
Transitioning Since: Dec 25 2009
BC?!?!?!?!? I dunno Maybe never
Fotki: http://public.fotki.com/MonnyD/