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Default my hair looks really bad now . . . any advice?

okay, i posted after my second day doing curly girl, and my hair sincerely looked better than it *ever* has - shiny, curly, volume . . .

that didn't last . . .

now, it looks worse than normal - it got really matted and greasy after the 4th or 5th day of cg routine, so now i wash just the roots (and hold the rest above my head when i rinse so that it doesn't get shampoo on it) every other day or every third, and i keep using conditioner in the cg method (canopy and underneath) on the rest, and i do full cg method on days when i don't shampoo the roots . . .

so, honestly, it's just looking nasty, and i'm tempted to just go back to my imperfect - but better - old routine (if it's a scale of 1-10, with 10 being best, before i tried cg my hair was probably a 7, now it's about 4).

i'm just not interested in messing with this and buying a bunch of products, trial and error, and etc. i feel like i've spent my whole life doing that . . . .

but if anyone has advice, here's what i'm doing:
my hair is botticelli, probably considered 3a on this chat group.
i'm using:
nature's gate aloe conditioner
goldwell flexi-whip mousse
dry with diffuser for volume
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