Do I think horrible things have been done in this country and in every other country throughout history? Yes. Do I hate and blame Columbus for all that has gone bad in the world since he got here? Of course not. Do I think he was a man hired to do a job who did it to the best of his abilities? Yep. In the end, do I think the 'discovery' of America is worthy of a holiday? Sure
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I think it's fine to celebrate the holiday if you want, but I think we should call it what it was...America was conquered. To say it was discovered is disingenuous.
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Which is why I put 'discovery' in quotes.
I don't celebrate Columbus Day, but if others want to, fine by me. Oh wait, I do go to a Columbus Day spaghetti dinner at a local catholic church. So I guess I celebrate the discovery of America by eating. Which is how I celebrate everything.
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