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Originally Posted by anusky84 View Post
Two weeks ago I bought a iron hair and I tried it to dress a hairstyle like in the 20s. The thing is that when I try to dress my hair like in my own style, my curlies went away! I only have curly on the bottom of my hair, but the top of it is completely straigh!!! I don't know what happened. My kind of curl was 3a.

How can I get back my curls??? I would be able to get them back?
I'm quite sad

thanks a lot

Hi Anusky!

Try Care Free Snap Back Curl Restore, you can find it at Sally's.
First do a deep conditioner, something rich, to bring moisture to your hair. Rinse it out bit not totally, then towel dry and apply the Care Free Snap Back Curl Restore. Then you can also use the Curl enhancers from the same line.
You will notice how the hair start shaping up in a few days.
This routine saved my life many years ago when I fried my curls and ended up with a dry straw looking hair. Hopefully it can help you too!
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