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Default Darcy’s Botanicals New Curl Cream Gel and Styling Cream

For those who have already tested the Darcy’s Botanicals New Curl Styling Cream or Curl Cream Gel, could you please share your experience with those products?
I don’t find a lot of review about those products so wanted to know if it could be suitable for my hair type.

3B-A, colored, med texture-density, High porosity

DT: AOHRS - CJHBDF - Mixed Chicks
Loo-Poo 2/week: Eluence volume,YTT-YTC poo, Co-wash 2/week: Suave Tropical - V05 Strawberries (water wash the rest)
Conditioner: Mop Top, Toe Shea, AOHRS, AOGBP
Leave-in:KCKT , Darcy Peach Kernel, Aloeba,YTT/YTC co,Christine Grant LI
Stylers: KCCC, CJ CCC, DMMC, Mixed Chiks, BB Jellie Creme, HESMU, Mop Top gel, HPO curling pudding

Fotki: (updated in June 2010)
PW: mixedcurly
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