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I love kumquats. They are more about the sweet edible rind than the inside. They're not at all like oranges. They're tart, zippy, and very fragrant. You can candy them. It's a bit annoying to seed them, but then only if you're dealing with like 8 quarts!
There is a kumquat pecan pie from Tartine:
Lottie + Doof Pecan Maple Pie with Kumquats and Bourbon (the party continues)

Kumquat financiers are also great:
Cannelle et Vanille: Candied Kumquat and Pistachio Financiers
Cannelle et Vanille: Baking with Kumquats: a Pistachio Pavlova, Chocolate Financiers and a Pot of Jam
(includes directions for candying them)

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