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Afroveda's B'Loved Murumuru Butter Set.

I may be gettin' this, y''s way too tempting.
Somebody talk me out of it.

I'll have to wait forever to get it. She'll change the formula, once I fall in love with it as it is.

Tell me not to do it. I'll listen. Shawny? Elle? Naturalista? SOMEbody????
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NEA don't do it!!! She evil!!!!! Tempting us with that gel with all those herbs in it....evil!

I know, right?

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i saw that email , NEA you be the test dummy.

cause I cant support ole Mala anymore. I wonder whos recipe she stole
*slowly backin' up from the Afroveda shopping cart*

dont back away, gon' head, so when you report back , i can blame it on you
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