I live in South Jersey and I went to a salon in Haddonfield named Personal Expressions Salon. The stylist is Mary Ann and she's wonderful! I was so scared to skimp on the main salon for my first cut, but I went anyway. She was so attentive, definitely knew her curly stuff. She even teaches other stylists how to do DevaCuts. She did mine dry, and it came out WONDERFULLY! I've even switched to Deva products. It wasn't because she pushed me, it was honestly because my hair felt the best in a lonnnng time with the DevaCare/DevaCurl products. Also, I specifically asked her for a style that would slim out my round face. She added some volume and resolved the boring "roundness" to my hair. It has a sort of heart-shaped quality to it and it definitely makes my face seem more oval than round. So this may help with your issue of finding a stylist who deals with more than just hair.

All in all, I'm very happy. She handled my 3c/4a hair really well. She was super gentle. And the cost was amazingly reasonable. At the main salon in NYC, my cut, style, and products would've been well over $200. THe cut itself was only 70 bucks, without atx. I was SO happy and can't wait to go back for prom.
hair type: 3c/4a, naturally super soft, and really prone to frizz.

i heart naturally curly hair!

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