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What do you like about the Mixed Silk stuff? I was in Sally's but resisted the temptation to purchase.
I've only used it a couple of times, so I want to try it with a few more condishes...but I was very surprised that it has a soft hold yet smooths down frizz. I didn't need to use something heavier on top, like I had to do with Mixed Chicks. However, when I applied it, although it has good slip and is easy to distribute, it doesn't feel that moisturizing, so I was sure to apply a moisturizer/sealer on top (I used the Hair Dew once and Whipped Pudding the other time) for an extra kick of hydration. But...we are still in pretty low dews (30s - upper 30s) and I am glycerin sensitive, so I wonder if it would be better in a more optimal dew. Oh, and it absolutely stinks, but for $8...meh.
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