cowashes: Centrimonium chloride. I don't know why, but it seems to clean my hair the best of any of the super gentle surfactants. Also would ideally have some EDTA. Needs to NOT have amino acids (unless it has EDTA) or drying alcohols.

rinse-out conditioners: Behentrimonium methosulfate, above everything else. Hydrolyzed proteins of one sort or another - preferably wheat, soy, or silk. EDTA (I have super hard water and need all the chelating I can get!). I also like to have butter-filled condishes rather than ones with just oils.

stylers: need glycerin (all dewpoints! - yes, my hair is weird), protein, and sealing oils (I cannot seal in a separate step for some reason).
3b/c. Fine, med-high porosity, normal elasticity. Hair loves oils in summer, protein in winter. Constantly battling the hard water monster.

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