I would also suggest you co-wash more often. Try it for two weeks and track your results. Also, keep track of which products you're using and see if there's a product linked to your itchy, flaky days

Prior to following my curly hair routine, I'd do the traditional shampoo & condition 1-2 times per week. Now I co-wash 4-5 times a week and low-poo once a week. My scalp isn't dry and the flakiness I'd had for so long disappeared after week one.

Good luck.
Med-fine texture, med/high porosity. BC 9/22/11. Hard H2O
Pre-poo: Coconut oil (sometimes)
Weekly Shampoo: QH Royal Curl Shampoo, Shea Moisture, Dessert Essence
Condish: Sauve Naturals Coconut, Vo5, CJ BS, CJ CAS.
Leave In: Knot Today, CJ CCCC Lite,
Gel: Kinky Curly CC, CJ Pattern Pusha
Treament: CJ DF Banana Hibiscus, CJ Repair Me
SOTC: Jojoba oil