Okay..this is crazy, something that works this well has to be doing something bad to me. Is it causing me cancer?? Ripping my hair to shreds but i don't realize it? Killing a kitten everytime it passes through my strands!?

Just used it on my whole head and man..this thing is really the biddness! If it's not a fluke then i seriously will be buying more of them as soon as i can for me and family/friends. l0l
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Argh!!! I can't wait to get mine!!!
Products in current rotation:

Terressentials Pure Earth Mud Wash; Elucence MBC (now really just for cowashing, leg shaving or emergencies); Curl Junkie: Repair Me, Deep Fix, Curl Rehab; AOHSR (retiring); Oyin Handmade: Honey Hemp, Hair Dew, J&B; Qhemet Biologics: BRBC (retiring- prefer Oyin HD), AOHC, OHHB; Jojoba Oil for scalp; Castor Oil or Shea butter to seal; Henna & Ayurvedic pastes when I can be bothered.

Still searching for the perfect stylers, but loving CJ CIAB over everything so far