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Originally Posted by Naturalista View Post
Originally Posted by Nappy_curly_crown View Post
I think you might need something else under that ecostyler than just the Qhemet OHHB....

i would either leave some conditioner in my hair, apply the OHHB and then the ecostyler or I would use the AOHC + OHHB and then Ecostyler. If your hair looks a bit white from the AOHC, don't worry, it will dry clear.

Ok question...What't the purpose of the CIAB? Is it for additional hold or to soften the hold of the ecostyler?
See... I can't judge for the more porous ppl because how I OC'd was using CJ AFG + CIAB. CIAB is a serum and so you're decieved by its potency, but its potent and loaded with moisture.
hum....interesting. I might have to investigate this for the spring/summer.
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