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Originally Posted by kathymack View Post
+1. I had a horrible experience with the Chagrin Valley bars that are well loved around here. It was the castor oil. If I hadn't used a bar with great success prior to that experience, I would never have tried another. I'm picky about the ingredients, too. That's the way you should be with all of your products, LOL!
Now, see, I was not trying to name names LOL!

Originally Posted by Reeky View Post
i used them for some months.. i had no issues with them but I did an acv rinse everytime. I looove the chagrin valley ayurvedic & herb garden bars! The acv got rid of the tangled waxy feeling and always left me with soft hair. I still have them and will use them up eventually i just got tired of having to lather them. It was time consuming for me to wash with them..
This is my only issue with shampoo bars. If I am in a super hurry I sometimes end up cowashing because it IS time-consuming to lather up a shampoo bar all over my scalp. Also, perhaps I should have rinsed with ACV all the time, but I am not organized enought to do that and I had read in several places that after awhile you shouldn't have to, so in the interest of saving a step I chose to believe that. I have not needed to do that with the Auromere bars, so I think that is the reason I stick with them.

I just multi-quoted! Yay!
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