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okay, I can deal with that....

I think all this bad frizz is from a really bad bleach job I got last May. yes, MAY. I trusted my former boss when she recommended her hairdresser to me. I must say, she gave me the BEST haircut for me at the time. It was meant to be short and straight, but I was thinner then, and It looked awesome on me. Fast forward to NOW when I am realizing that my hair is curly and there's no getting away from it. I can't go for the big chop, even though that would be the best thing for my hair. The roots are doing good, but the old growth.....BARF. I am in the process of trying to lose the weight so I can be the same size I was when my hair was cuter - how sad is that? Whatever - I am just gonna stick it out with what I've got and when I get tired of straightenin, I know you girls will be her to cheer on my curls....
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