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Originally Posted by Danyele View Post
My friend saying this to my other friend....

"upset.. all of this natural talk... everybody all of a sudden wants to wear there her natural and curly.. and thats ok..i say go for it.. but i did it FOREVER ago... and its cool for a couple ppl to do-- i think tiaras [me] short hair is cute.... but y everybody wanna steal my hair style... :/ i feel like they're stealing my individuality lol..."

I feel like that was kind of rude...and when she said she did it forever ago, she's been natural about 4 years. But I feel like it was rude because she makes it seem like I was following her... or other people are following her...when in reality...people go natural for different reasons, not because they want to be like other people...

I feel like saying that is like saying...I started working out 4 years ago all of a sudden everybody wants to lose weight. lol...I mean she isn't the first person to go natural....

Ok, I'm done ranting lol.
She should have been happy that her friend decided to go natural as well. I'm sure that she has enough identity and characteristics to have it "stolen" by someone going natural, lol.
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