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Originally Posted by RacerWife7 View Post
My hair always gets wonky after a cut, too. And, if there's a lot cut off, it usually takes my hair about 1.5 to 2 weeks for it to settle down. I just grit my teeth and deal with it for that time-frame.

I'm sorry you're not happy with it. (((HUGS for you))) But, I wouldn't say it's the Deva cut you don't like... more likely the particular style she (and you, I hope?) chose. Deva cutting is just a method, not a particular hairstyle, if you know what I mean?
This is my hair. I got it cut last week and I know the cut is good, but my hair is freaking out and being weird. Sucks. It does this after every haircut. WHY?!?!

I hope it's just your hair acting up and it settles down quickly.

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